HTC One (Sprint)

  • My ring arrived in the mail yesterday.
    First thing my package only contained the ring in a bag, the sweetspot stickers and the getting started manual. Don't care about the pillow box, but the loose nfc inlay I would have used to make guest rings with my 3d printer (building nfc door locks for my place). Side note, I was supposed to receive those inlays for developers that were offered free, but nothing ever came in the mail.

    Anyways, on to the reason for this post. Initial testing on my HTC One is quite disappointing. The public side? (has the kickstarter inlay) works if I hold it in an extremely specific position with my case on (poetic atmosphere, one of the thinnest cases you can probably get). The private side? (black inlay) does not work at all, even without the case.... I've been trying for a while now. Other nfc tags work fine with my phone, obviously there is a sweetspot but it is pretty generous.
    I'll fire up the prototype door lock system I built sometime soon and see if it can read the ring.

    I'm really hoping this is a QA issue with my ring, because I was really excited about it. Please let me know if there is a better way to get in contact, wasn't able to find anything.

    Unfortunately, I pilfered a component off my breadboard while building the circuit board (still in progress). Won't be able to test till I get more.

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    Hi there, great to hear you've received your ring!
    If there's something not quite right with what you received then drop them a line at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> and let them know what happened, they'll be happy to help you out.

    With the read issues on the phone, because of the design of the rings and the limitations on antenna size your sweet spot will be considerably smaller than it would with a tag that has a larger antenna loop. This is more akin to a feature than anything else, it pretty much guarantees that there wont be accidental or malicious reads of your ring. So understanding this, take the time to verify the ring sweet spot and check elsewhere on the phone for a potential other sweet spot.
    Mileage really does vary between NFC capable devices with it being down to how large their antenna loop is and how far from the back of the phone it is, along with connection methods. I haven't been able to try out a HTC One yet, so I haven't been able to see where the antenna is located or whether it has connections that may possibly tarnish or something similar.
    If you can verify both inlays in the ring with your door lock prototype that would be great. That way we'll know whether the difficult inlay is just sulking or has packed up for some reason. Also possibly try writing to that tag with your phone.

    If you could let us know on the forum how that goes just so we have a reference for things and let <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> know what has happened that would be great.

  • It will probably be a a week before I get my nfc module running again, ordering the component I need tonight.

    After playing with it for a bit, I am satisfied with the performance of the public side (now using it as my private side). It works fine directly on top of my camera lens so the case kind of guides it nicely into place. Still absolutely no luck getting the private side working. I will see if I can get an NFC app on my work BB and test it out.

    /e also, yes already tried writing it as well as reading.

    /e After playing with it A LOT, I finally got the private side to write two times and read once... still pretty much worthless for use with my phone. My BB Bold won't read the ring at all, but I am moving to BYOD soon anyway.

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    Ah yep, give support a yell now and let them know what's going on with your ring.
    I was playing with an alpha on a Nexus 5 earlier and there was a definite sweet spot but the ring also needed to be turned slightly away from the phone at the same time... mildly infuriating when you're playing 'look at the cool toy I've got' and it takes more effort than you thought to make it read.

  • I have no idea why, but when I woke up this morning and tried it out again, the private side decided to start working nearly as good as the public side. Not as good, but good enough that I am comfortable using it as the unlock key for my phone now.
    My only thought is that sitting out in the cold weather for an extended period of time had an effect and overnight my body heat got it working again.

  • @Lokki

    That's an interesting one, you didn't reboot at some point as well?

    Haven't rebooted since the last time my phone started acting up which was at least a week ago... who knows.

    For the private side it has to be centered over the camera lens touching the lens itself. The public side is quite a bit better still, I can be a few centimeters above the lens or in any direction around it.

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    That's an interesting one, you didn't reboot at some point as well?
    I'm glad it's working though, hopefully it continues to play nice with NFC.

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    Yeah, how odd... hopefully it's not the antenna contacts being wonky. Those phones are a pain to take apart and service.
    Still, fingers crossed it'll continue working.

  • When I woke up this morning the private side was not working anymore :/
    Public side still working great. Tried rebooting my phone, no luck. Not sure what would have caused it to stop working, nothing has changed.

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    That's a bit of a pain. Well, give support a yell and let them know it's quit on you again mate.