Is it safe to use hand sanitizer (e.g., Purell) while wearing an NFC Ring?

  • Will using hand sanitizer (e.g., Purell) have any negative consequences for the layer of epoxy on the ring? I use it quite often, and hadn't even considered it until I received my ring today and was reading through the paperwork that came with it.

    Has anyone had experience with this (not willing to sacrifice mine for the sake of science on this one)?

  • Community Helper

    I think the best answer is that hand sanitiser itself should not damage the ring - but if the inlay is already damaged/loose/unsealed for some reason then the hand sanitiser would get in there and be just as bad as water or whatever.
    YMMV, dude. The unforeseen can happen!

  • @nickh I don't even think about that stuff any more. Iv used soap and hand sanitizer many times and iv never had any issues. Iv even got paint thinner on it without thinking. Mind you I have more than one so I'm covered if I do break mine.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Should be fine using hand sanitizer. If it does cause an issue let us know! :)