Nexus 6 With Case

  • First of all both rings work with my phone minus case (I now own the normal and an alpha).
    But lets be honest I don't want to break my newest toy and had zero issues with my nexus 4 with a case on so I was hoping this would be simple too. Turns out I was wrong.
    My Nexus 4 had a Ringke Fusion case and worked perfectly, somewhere along the line I ordered the Max for my Nexus 6.

    Just ordering a Ringke Fusion and a Spigen Ultra Hybrid. In hopes that one of them work with the ring.
    Thought I'd post and keep everyone update seeing as there are no Nexus 6 posts.

    The cases probably won't arrive till after Christmas now so see you then.

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    Thanks for this @ColdEmbrace

    It's really useful info :)

  • My ringke fusion case works with my normal ring. It's a little spotty but then I haven't added my sweet spot yet.

    Haven't managed to make the spigen work yet but I'll add my sweet spot sticker and it'll help me to find it.

    Edit: Got my spigen case working now as well on my normal ring that means I have two cases that work which is wonderful news.

    Both cases work even better with an alpha ring.
    I got my Ringke Max to work once with my alpha but it's hard to find my sweet spot with a solid black case on.

  • I have a Nexus 6.

    The smaller rings (v1ntage/signature) do not reliably read at all for me with it.

    The alpha reads reliably without a case. It will not read reliably with a case on (but will with a ring-size whole cut over the hot-spot).

    I do not believe my Nexus 6 has faulty or abnormal NFC hardware. It reads credit cards and the mifare tags I have as reliably as any other phone I've tried.

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    @strowger I can't say this often enough - credit cards and similar sized passcards, as well as mifare tags are quite different things to the NFC Ring. How well they work with your device is not an indicator of how well your NFC circuitry is functioning or of how well the NFC Ring will function with your device.
    If the rings work at all, then practice your method until you are consistent with read/write of the ring. If it seems to work sometimes but not always then it is your method, not the NFC Ring. They are not credit cards or mifare tags and you need to make allowances for that, so practice!

  • I just got a nexus 6. It took a while to figure it out to work well with the ring, there are a few sweet spots, however the phone is also quite large making hand placement also an issue.

    After a couple of days now I have a good working solution, working first go approx 95% of the time. the sweet spot I'm using is in the opposite side on the "u" to the image above.

    Still waiting on a case so thanks for this thread @ColdEmbrace, its good to know what case works Cheers.

  • I now have a Ringke case, Slim crystal. and it works well with the NFC ring.