NFC Ring Unlock: Read error. Try again

  • I received my NFC ring the other day and installed the NFC Ring Control and NFC Ring Unlock. It works ok by opening my phone Sony Xperia Z2. But simultaneously I get a message:
    Reading error. Try again (in Norwegian: Lesefeil. Prøv på nytt)
    Why, and what does this mean? Something wrong with the configuration or the settings?
    hope for a smart answer,

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    can you please describe in detail what you do before you get the error message?

  • Hi Lafunamor. I switch on the phone and get the message "Please scan your Ring to unlock". Then I touch my ring at the hot spot, the phone opens and after that comes the message "Lesefeil. Prøv på nytt" (Reading error. Try again). I do not get this message all the time. When touching the hot spot with my ring when the phone is open also generates this error message. Since the opening prosess is working I wonder if there are some hidden commands that is not working. I like tech to work and I hate error messages that tells me I'm a dummy. Any ide? Thanks in advance, Kjartan

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    sounds like it's the android system generating those messages. try to generate such a read error by moving the ring across your sweet spot while having your home screen displayed.

    also try to just tap the ring once at the sweet spot to unlock.

    I think the problem is that the phone scans your ring multiple times and in some of those it doesn't read the ring correctly.
    maybe also try if this happens with the other side of the ring.