So your ring is the wrong size - check here

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    @jasok2 @NFCringTom should be taking a look within the next 12 hours or so :)

  • Update - I have received the funds on my Credit Card to cover the cost of shipping back the ring, Thanks Guys, Still waiting on the actual ring, hopefully just a matter of a few more days now.

  • another update - Today I finally got a tracking number, so the replacement ring has finally been sent. possibly another 2 weeks to arrive with the xmas break and all.

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    Dunno about elsewhere in the world but Christmas post is bloody awful here eh dude.

  • Finally update - after more than 3 months. I have the mistake corrected. The Ring arrived today.

    Now that I have two, (since I bought another one in the interim) Its amazing to see the difference between them. The newest one is certainly the nicest. The interim one had a lot more of the gold from the NFC chip scraped off and looked a bit tacky. The one I received today looks perfect.

  • I'm all too familiar with my ring size; my ring finger is a** size 4;** the lowest NFC ring is made is a size 4.5 leaving half an inch to fill. My other fingers aren't much larger than this, except for my thumb but that's really not a practical place to put a ring that needs access to the phones back is it? I assume the ring has to be 4.5 or higher to house the ring's components but if it can fit on a nail, why not my ring finger? Please I don't even mind if its less funcitonal, but I'm golumn and veruca salt! It's my preciouses and I wants it now.

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    Hi @Benecya it's not a half inch, just a half size. The size constraints are because of the curve that it forces the tag into - they just don't work as well when they get further away from flat.

  • Yea, as Lokki mentioned - it's not half an inch larger. Going from a size 4 to a 4.5 equates to only roughly an extra 4mm diameter difference.

  • Wow, Really considering canceling my order after reading this, gonna forward this to reddit to see what people think.

  • @nekora what did you read that made you want to cancel your order?