Problem registering ring

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    That's a little odd.
    Can you sign up to be a beta tester and see if you get a later version of the app?

  • I applied for membership to the group.

  • I run an app which (AdFree) which updates the host file on my phone to block ads. On a hunch, I reverted my host file to default, rebooted and tried again. It worked.

    I'm not sure what entry was blocking access to the registration page, but I am now registered. Now I just need to hunt down that entry so I can go back to blocking ads.

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    That's interesting - I run the same app and definitely didn't have those issues... but then I can't recall whether I set up the unlock app before I installed adfree originally.
    Thanks for the heads-up!

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    Richard that's probably Parses' fault. It's a service we use to make db request, it's horrible. I'm hoping to rip it out at some point.

  • @johnyma22 @Lokki @Richard

    Great info on this! I seen a few people on occasion post similar issues, so this might shed a little light for them (probably not the same cause/app, but may give them something to look for).

  • I reenabled AdFree and it works great. Easy workaround once I figured it out. The biggest thing is knowing what is supposed to happen. If not for the video in the FAQ, I'd still be scratching my head.

  • I had the same problem Richard describes when I went to set up my ring today, but I don't run any adblock apps. I tried repeatedly, got the tone multiple times, but it would never move on, just give the help or finish boxes. I gave up to go to dinner, and on the way home (someone else was driving, promise) was checking my phone and accidentally scanned my ring. It popped up a box asking if I wanted to go to the NFC ring website, I said yes, and it took me there and from there gave me the option to click on the control app, and I tried to register the ring again and it worked the way it was supposed to, no problem.

    The whole thing was extremely frustrating, but there's another datapoint for anyone else having the same problem. I am also using the most recent version of the app, downloaded yesterday.

  • I had the same issue with AdFree. After finding this topic I was able to solve the registration problem of the ring. Thank you.