Control app won't allow me to 'register' for Unlock app.

  • Ok seriously, what gives?

    I launch the Unlock app on this phone and it asks me to verify the account. Done.
    Next screen says to launch the Control app to 'Register' my ring. Uhh...ok.
    Launch the control app, click Register, and I have to make a new account? Seriously?

    Is there a simple way I can fix this mess without creating another account or am I just going to have to use one of the third party unlock apps?

    I'm not about to jump through massive hoops because some small team of devs had this 'wild' idea for DRM that's obviously extremely faulty.

  • Community Helper

    seems like you're entering wrong data as when you get the "please register" output this means that your email / verification code combination is wrong.
    You can reset your verification code on this site: