International Express Shipping using DHL or FEDEX or UPS

  • Hi,
    This is with regards to my order Number # 3310 placed yesterday (14-Sep-14) for the NFC Ring (Vintage : US Size 7.5).
    When I placed the order there was only one option for International Shipping (4 £). This seems to be a standard shipping option via Postal Service. My prior experience using this method is that it takes a lot of time for any package to be delivered and also theres no tracking system as well.
    As such, I am interested in my order being shipped to me in India using DHL or FEDEX or UPS International Express Shipping. I shall make the necessary additional payment as requested as soon as I hear from you. Please advise the payment methodology. I have also put this as a special request while placing the order.
    Awaiting your early advise please.
    Many Thanks.
    Best Regards,
    Mandar Thakurdesai

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    Waiting on Fedex/UPS to get back to us. We have an account w/ Fedex but they have to enable it for web API Etc. is a PITA.

    Should be done within the next few weeks.

  • Hi, Thanks for the update. I understand that for your own payment arrangements with FEDEX they need to enable a web API, which would take 'few weeks'. Is there no other way to expedite this such as I could make the payment directly to FEDEX ? Of course I can pay for all your service charges if required too. If the arrangement with FEDEX is indeed going to take 'few weeks', then better would be to send out the Ring using the normal Postal Service as per your normal practice. Kindly advise in all this. Awaiting your response. Thanks for your understanding. Best Regards, Mandar

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    Well, I can arrange a unique Fedex pick up but that wont be trackable or linked to the store.. It might only take a few days, if it's not sorted by the end of the week I will get it shipped Fedex directly

  • Hi John, Thanks for your quick positive response. I shall wait to hear from you by the weekend regarding the dispatch of the ring. Let me know the modality to make the additional payment towards the same. Also, if a unique dispatch is arranged directly through FEDEX in which case although the item may not be trackable through your store, nonetheless it should still be trackable through FEDEX website using their own tracking number / ID. Am I right? Thanks once again. Mandar

  • FedEx api sounds awesome as ordering stuff to aus from. Overseas I've has numerous issues with standard post. Would be great to see this up and going

  • NFC Ring Team

    I have a call scheduled w/ our Fedex rep today to try and get sorted, will keep you all posted.

  • @johnyma22
    Thanks a lot :-). Appreciate your support.

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    Okay Fedex is now on, it's been a VERY long day, now 11:12pm and I'm exhausted, afaik the prices are REALLY high so we need to talk to them tomorrow to see if we can negotiate a better deal..

    If you want to place an order at the current price you can but imho it's too expensive.. Maybe you are used to it, I don't know...

  • Thanks again. Let me the know the outcome of your discussion today with FEDEX and the negotiated pricing thereof and then will surely decide. What are the current prices they are quoting? Thank-you

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    Okay been on the phone to our Fedex account manager, I sent him through our estimated numbers and he's going back to his pricing team to get an agreement on pricing. I expect we wont have the new pricing live until next week. As soon as they put it live on our account it will go live on the shop..

    You have 2 options really.

    1. Place an order w/ current pricing
    2. Wait until new pricing kicks in.

    Trying to do my best to keep you informed as to the status :)

  • Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate all your efforts. I have already placed any order (3310) with the standard shipping method that was available as the only option. What's the current pricing that FEDEX has quoted and if I decide to go with it, how do I modify my existing order? Thx

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    Okay new pricing agreed, £27 tracked Fedex to India. Paperwork arriving on Monday, I will sign it and scan it, send it on Monday morning. We should be up with new pricing by Monday afternoon. Daily Fedex deliveries should start as of Wednesday.

    Nice to go from £66 to £27 for tracked/signed shipping from UK to India! ;)


  • Hi, Thanks again for all your efforts. I did receive a mail from Tom advising me about £60 delivery charges. This is good news. I shall wait for the new pricing of £27 to go live on your website. Tom advised me to cancel the order 3310 and place the order again. He said that as per your records the funds related to this order have not yet been captured, whereas my credit card already shows this transaction. Kindly advise please as to how do we go about this. Many Thanks.

  • Hi Mandar. These kind of conversations should really be taking place via our support ticketing system (via email) rather than on the forum. However, for posterity: We have around 7 days to capture the funds from an order 'authorisation', otherwise the ability to capture them can be lost, so I captured this payment before seeing this forum post. I have refunded your order now.

  • Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your support. Yes, I did get a mail stating the order has been cancelled. Just for the record, I did start the conversation over mail but was guided to get support on the forum regarding the query I had on shipping. Thank-you..

  • NFC Ring Team

    New pricing agreement signed and sent to Fedex, awaiting on them to turn on the new pricing. Once they do I will update this forum post. It should be within the next 5 hours.

  • Hi, Thanks for the update. When would this option be live on the website? This is required for placing the new order. Thanks.