Please help

  • So my issue seems to be similar to a few topics on this forum. I, however have tried EVERYTHING stated on this forum to fix it. My verification code just WILL NOT WORK no matter what i do in the unlock app. I've reset it multiple times, I've used an all caps code, I've re-installed the app multiple times and I've talked to support which lead me here. I need HELP! I'm using an HTC One M8, everything else works great. I have the clear side of the ring toggling my portable hotsopt. I just want the black side to unlock my phone. That's it. but the unlock app just will not accept whatever verification code I throw at it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Community Helper

    please follow this link and send me the email address you used and the link you received as you entered your email in the link above.
    I'll set a password myself and test it so we can check if it's an error on your side or on the server side.
    I'll send you the verification code if it works on my side or contact John to sort the issue out.