Phone stuck in bootloop and app broken

  • Hi there.

    I just got my NFC ring working yesterday after lots of trouble getting it to register on my phone. As with other S3 users, putting any kind of thicker silicon case on the phone means that the NFC ring can't be picked up. So I took it off, found my sweet spot etc.

    The ring was working great until just now the phone crashed. Now it's entering boot loops until I take the battery out whenever the ring is used, or even when the lock screen has just been there for a while.

    I assume this is something to do with the wallpaper feature, which worked fine before now.

    When I refrain from using the ring and get to the NFC unlock app, I find it's completely had it. Doesn't work at all. Asks me to register my ring, which I've done and doesn't give me the option to put my details in again as it still requests to be unlocked my my existing ring - thankfully I had the sense to put a pin on this as I KNEW something would go wrong that would lead me to be locked out - I don't care what you say, you shouldn't be encouraging users to make this the only way to get into their phones, for something so new and potentially haphazard I can see users very easily being locked out of phones because of a bug like this.

    I understand the feature doesn't work and just want to get back to where I was without doing anything drastic.

    Any ideas?

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    try to uninstall the unlock app over the 'apps' section in your settings. you may have to remove the apps root rights before you can do this.

  • @Lafunamor Right the app seemed to uninstall fine. However, it's now asking me to re-register the ring and tells me that an account already exists. Is there an option to login or something?

    I can't find any older activation code.

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    @Russbo you can reset you unlock app verification code via this homepage

    can you please be a bit more precise with what you need help with. seems like you managed to uninstall the app. did that resolve the crashes of your phone?

    if not, does any nfc tag crash your phone or only the ring? Is your phone crashing without the unlock app installed or only when the nfc ring unlock app lock screen is displayed?

  • I think I'm all sorted now thanks.

    Uninstalling and re-installing fixed the crash and my password is reset. Going to refrain from using the wallpaper now. I'll post again if I run into the same issue.


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    @Russbo said:

    I think I'm all sorted now thanks.

    Glad to hear!
    It would be awesome if you could file this problem in our issue tracker.

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    -- moved to apps section since it's an issue with the unlock app --

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    Thanks a lot.