NFC Stickers, interest and design feedback?

  • We've had some sample PVC NFC stickers printed up with a view to possibly getting some made for the store.
    They are NTAG216, so can hold quite a bit of data.
    They are small, pretty durable and look really neat in my opinion. The rectangular ones are 20mm x 15mm and the circular ones are 25mm diameter.

    Just wondering what you guys think of them? Would you be tempted to chuck a few in when purchasing a ring from our store? If so, what would you be happy paying for them?
    They are PVC and have a fairly matt finish on them, but are relatively scratch-proof.

    NTAG261 Stickers

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    Those turned out nicely. I think it'd be great to have these available on the Web shop, they'd be perfect as a backup unlock method at my computer desk, workbench and bedside table to just rattle off a few places.
    It'd be a convenient time to pick up some NTAG216 devices for a play too.

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    They look cool but if possible I would also create some black/white ones because the orange is very bright and I wouldn't stick one on my desk because it wouldn't match anything in my room.
    I think some locked orange stickers with the store URL would be perfect for marketing.

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