NFC gun safe (The GunBox)

  • There is a gun safe that uses NFC and/or finger prints. According to their FAQ it "uses ISO15693 at 13.56Mhz for the tags and reader". I've done searching on this forum for "15693" and come up empty so I'm guessing it won't work... but know almost nothing of NFC/RFID, can anyone confirm? You guys have a much cheaper ring than them :)

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    Hi @piercedgeek, from a quick look at their website they're not saying "NFC" anywhere, only "RFID". This probably means that the NFC Ring wont work as NFC is a subset of RFID. The standard that you've pointed to is the one for RFID cards too, not NFC.

    So it's a good guess that John's ring won't be the right thing for GunBox sadly. They do offer a contact link for anyone who wants to ask more questions about the RFID tech that they're using - you could always hit them up and enter into a discussion about the setup they have and whether they'd be able to accomodate the NFC Ring now or in the future.

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    Hey it's not my ring, it's everyones!

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    lol, fair enough @johnyma22
    The retail on those ones is crazy, US$99.

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    The GunBox is not an NFC device as such wont work with NFC devices.

  • Has anyone tested the Hornady rapid safe?

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    @edraven afaik it's 125Mhz not 13.56Mhz ergo not NFC. We'd need to ask them to comment I guess.. I wish it was NFC though because the "GunLock" product is really misleading a lot of customers...

  • Does anybody make a NFC safe? Or has anyone converted a safe to NFC?

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    The electronic gun safes you find on ebay are really easy to convert - arduino, nfc reader and an output to the solenoid relay.

  • I have had this idea for years. I am bringing it to reality now that technology caught up. I have acquired a NFC ring and a Samsung SHS-1321 NFC door lock to either operate the oem gun lock solenoid or possibly replace the mechanism all together. The speed of the lock is under a second.

    Think of that panic situation where you need your protection fast. Your hearts pounding. Instead of fumbling with keys, combinations, finger readers that sometimes can't read your finger proper (sweaty, dirty, maybe a bloody cut on it). IMHO NFC is the only way.

    I'll post back here once my project is completed. If you are mechanically inclined and have basic electronics skills, should be a piece of cake.

    My plan is to add NFC as to not remove the other opening functions. My safe will open by key, finger combination (provided by the safe), NFC, and pin code ( provided by the Samsung)

    The SHS-1321 is very heavy duty and very well made for using on a gun safe. Has real glass plates for the touch screen and NFC read plate. I picked this up off eBay for $70.00 only cause it had Chinese manual and labeling. Easy to find English manual and no Chinese writing us visible outside.

    I'll be making a YouTube vid as well.

    I'll probably get the NFC implant next so I won't need the ring. :-)

  • Skip to the end. He's goin real slow. It will read the ring as soon as you place it in the read spot. So you brush to wake it, immediately press ring and bamn - it operates. Under a second in my tests.