How do I register a replacement/2nd ring

  • Hi,

    I received two replacement rings (thanks) in the mail for a faulty ring I had received with the initial kickstarter project. However, I am unable to register the rings due to a Error:202 username already taken. As yet I haven't found a thread in the forum for this. If someone knows the solution or can direct me it would be very appreciated.

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    Hi @Gerry
    There is no further need to register in the NFC ring crontrol app that to obtain the verification code for the NFC ring unlock app.
    As a KS backer you received an email with this code. if you can't find this email you can reset the verification code / password by following the instructions on [this link] (
    hope this helps

  • @Lafunamor Thanks, but it doesn't seem to help.

    I have the verification code, but at no time am I ever asked for the code. In the unlock app, after entering my gmail and pass word I am confronted with this statement: This App comes at no cost to the owners of an NFC ring. Without proper Ring Registration this App will not be usable. If you own an NFC ring and wish to register for this app please use the NFC Ring Control App to complete account resgistration. When I go to The NFC Ring Control App to register, I click on register it has me find my sweet spot and then I have to enter my email address, password and Password again. I fill out the information and then I get the same Error: 202. If I follow the link you posted, all I can do is change my account password. Am I missing something?

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    Hi @Gerry - if you've tried your account password and it doesn't work and none of the other methods have worked either then email support and see if they can help you out with a code. Just be prepared to wait for them to get to your request in the queue.

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    @Gerry Try to reset your password with the link I provided. It resets the password for the unlock app. Please use a simple all CAPITAL LETTER password. then open the unlock app enter the same mail address and all CAPS password you entered on the link and then it should work.