USB dongle NFC reader capable, auto login into computer when detects ring?

  • Everything is in the tittle.
    What do you think about an USB dongle wich can log into your computer when it is locked.
    It detects your ring and auto type your password by emulating a keyboard.

  • ASUS has an "NFC Express" box that will do just that. Problem is, it looks like you need one of their motherboards that supports the feature:

  • should be no problem with an arduino leonardo (or similar) and an elechouse nfc reader.
    In my next free time - i will try this.

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    sadly the ASUS Express will not work with the NFC ring.

    but this would be awesome!

  • Is there any generic equivalent of the Asus software? what sort of PC-based NFC readers do work with the NFC rings?

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    until now I haven't found a useful one. But the last time I did a good search is a while back so it could have some new software.

  • I am currently in the process of building a keyboard (an ergodox). It would be totally awesome to build in an NFC Reader that would do just that.

    At the moment I have a Teensy 2.0 to run the thing. I will look into adding the nfc reader, I can't remember how many pins I am currently using on the teensy, so I may have to upgrade the board to a 3.0 or an arduino. I like the idea of making an NFC HID, this way the the password could be used in other applications as well.

    Maybe even have a set of passwords on the ring, and hold down a certain ke y at the same time to select the password to input.

    I guess if you are putting a group of passwords on it then you would want to encrypt them, and maybe get the keyboard to decrypt them.

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    The elechouse NFC v3 board will connect in I2C, SPI or HSU mode. There shouldn't be any issues daisy chaining I2C if you're already using it.

  • Yeah, not already using it. Also just realising how large the elechouse unit is. Not really anywhere I can think to embed the unit in my current design.

    Will let you guys know if this goes anywhere though.

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    What you could do there is put it in the keyboard so that about 1 centimetre worth of edge is accessible, with the rest under whatever else you've got in there. You'd have to test with your ring to figure exactly how/where you're consistently triggering, with the v3 unit I get good reads from the side within 4mm, following the direction of the antenna loop at up to 10mm and over the center of the board for slightly more distance in the right orientation.
    You could also play around with disabling the integral antenna and using your own loop antenna with it.