One inlay of my ring stopped working after a few days :'(

  • I received my ring last week, and it was working fine. I perfectly identified the sweet spot on my phone, wrote a URL on one inlay, and a unlock key on the other. I then was able to perfectly use the ring to unlock my phone.

    About two days ago, the unlock key inlay stopped working (the one I used to unlock my phone) . I checked the other one and it's still working fine, so it's not my phone or a sweet spot problem.

    I tried to read, write it again from Ring Control but no luck either. :'(

    What should I do now?

    Support request opened, number 9809.

    Thanks in advance, 

  • Community Helper

    sadly this may happen to a few rings due to the glue issue. if you want to know more about it please use the search tool in the forum. your options can be found under
    basically it's either a return and replace or a discounted new ring. but support will tell you all you need to know.
    hope this helps you.