Flight security / TSA

  • Has anyone tried to fly with one of these rings on them? I assume you would be asked to take it off and put it on the scanner, next to your keys/phone, however would the scan damage the NFC tags within the ring?

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    That's a really good question! I don't think that there will be problems as the ring is not magnetic, so the metal detector won't go off and if you place it in the x-ray machine that shouldn't damage the tags either.

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    I'm not sure how thorough tsa is, Australian airport security doesn't mind the rings I wear.

  • Went through a checkpoint between CA and USA this past weekend: going into the US they required that I take off my ring, returning to CA they didn't care about my ring.

    My ring still works just fine after going through the metal detector.

    So I guess it's good practice to take the ring off (since it's metal), but if they don't ask, then you're good to just leave it on and the tags won't get corrupted/erased/damaged.

  • I went on a couple flights within the US this week and never was I required to take my ring off. I actually took it off and placed it in the bucket at first, but one of the workers told me to "put it back on so it wouldn't get lost". It still works fine.

  • Thanks, it's nice to know that it works regardless if I take it off or not.