Nexus 4 Update?

  • Hey guys I saw the nexus 4 topic but that was from 6 months ago and I am hoping for an update.

    In my situation, I use my nexus 4 with the ringke fusion case. I read that the distance for the nfc ring is set to 1mm, which has me a bit worried.

    Does anyone who's in a similar situation already have a ring and can tell me if it works well or not? Do I need the alpha size? I'm not a backer so I don't think I can even order it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mileage varies wildly with the nexus 4 and a number of other mobile devices. For that one I suspect you'd be best waiting for the Alpha to be available on the Web shop, that way you're more likely to have a good experience from the word go.

  • I have the same setup as you...N4 with the Ringke Fusion case. I upgraded to the Alpha ring when it was suggested it might work better with the N4. It does work with the case, no need to roll it or anything like that, but you do need to press it to the back of the case...not just touch it. It works about 90% of the time with the case on, when you learn to press it & 100% of the time without the case.

  • @Lokki Any idea for when the alpha might become available?

  • @Memnoch Thanks for the response

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    @Jeremy I'm not 100% sure on that mate. I am pretty sure that the guys are going to be gearing up for Christmas though, so I'd imagine there would be stock available before then.
    Alternatively there's a chance to claim one as part of the rings for innovation deal, I've got a thread stickied here that gives some info on that. I'm running low on 'em though, as the guys have been busy picking and packing orders so there's a rather limited choice!

  • @Lokki If I do the innovation challenge, is it possible to request a specific ring since I need an alpha ring in this case?

    Also, on it says shipping end July 2014. I emailed support and they told me it means that orders placed now will be shipped by the end of July. Do you know what it means for afterwards though? Like are sales going to be postponed to ~christmas for them to get ready, or are rings still going to be available for order between July and whenever they're ready?

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    I have one last Alpha set aside that could be yours... It's size 11.5 though. Large but not huge (I'm average at a size 9 to 10.5 for most of my fingers.)
    I think what happens with the Web store and online orders will depend heavily on how quickly stock levels can be refilled by the factory. I'd imagine it would be relatively quick as there will be only 2 to 3 basic designs at present, doubled to include alpha. There may still be a point where they put a temporary hold on ordering, but I'm really only guessing at this.

    So, any ideas on a project or community act for the rings for innovation deal?

  • @Lokki Hm..I don't know how to code or use design software...I currently only have ideas that I can't follow through with lol. I'll let you know later

  • I have that set up and I am using a normal ring I have 3 and they all work flawlessly even with the case on.

    That shows where it reads the best on my phone (The sweet spot sticker) and the orientation to have the ring on case.