Can't Register NFC Ring

  • Just got the ring and downloaded both apps for my HTC One. Was able to swipe the ring and register the ring but no email arrived with activation code, I even tried the reset link that was in another forum question and nothing ever came from that. Checked my junkmail/trash folders and nothing. I also tried reintstalling and turning my phone off/on, same issue.

    I have a registration set up (per ring control app) but no confirmation emails have been sent so I can log into ring unlock app. I have been able to set up my Bitcoin wallet and add a website but that is it.

    Extremely frustrated.

  • Community Helper

    The password you set during registration is the "verification code" you need to use. You only need to register once to get a "login"/"verification" for the unlock app.
    hopes this helps you further

  • When trying to use NFC unlock app, I enter my email and password and nothing happens. Thats the problem. I do not get the screen with options to set up NFC lock for my phone. I only see a screen that says "This App comes at no cost to the owners of an NFC ring.....". This indicates to me that my password is not valid or not recognizing it for some reason.

  • Community Helper

    try the reset link and use an all CAPS password. this is an old bug but might still be in the release version.