have to tap powerbutton to unlock screen

  • Is there a way to unlock the phone by just tapping the NFC tag with the screen being off. The phone would be on, but locked. Every time I unlock the phone. I have to turn on the screen then tap the NFC tag.

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    sadly in the current version of android it's not possible.
    Android disables the NFC because that would use a lot of power.

  • That sucks. Hopefully with Android L

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    maybe it will be added as a setting. but it will really drain the battery.
    I could imagine tabbing on the screen to activate the phone and then read the ring as a good way to unlock.
    (hope his sentence makes sense ;-)

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    @chrono4548 the only way to do this while the screen is off is to root the phone and install the appropriate Xposed framework to handle NFC while the screen is off. If you've already rooted then it's easy enough to set up but if you haven't rooted yet I'd suggest looking into the possible ramifications for you and your device - on some devices you can permanently disable features that the manufacturer requires the phone to be in a standard state for.

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