Can't read ring or extra tag

  • Phone? Galaxy S4
    Using a case? Nope
    Phone works with other NFC tags? Yes

    Ring: Alpha
    Size: 10.5

    So right out of the box the NFC control app won't recognize the ring, no matter how slow i move it over the back of the phone, the spare tag won't read either. I've uninstalled tasker and the controll app, restarted the phone and re-installed the controll app to no avail.

    The ring i got was also the wrong color. Black instead of wood, which I don't really mind, I just thought i'd mention it in case that was important

    Any input on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated.

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    can you read the tags/ring with any other app? do you hear the NFC sound when no app is open?

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    @Canariburger if your order was changed in any way from what was on the confirmation email then it's because there were issues getting your ring made by the factory. It may have failed QA numerous times and you've been sent a different ring so that you're no longer waiting. You'll be able to request a voucher at a later date so that you can choose something else from the webshop, John will make a blog post on this after KS and PreOrders are completed and stock levels are up again.
    If you're having trouble getting the ring to read are you able to try it without the rear cover on the phone? Just for now, to make sure that it does work. If it does and you then locate your sweet spot or spots, then put the cover back on and try those areas to see if you can get it working consistently.

  • I've tried using Tasker and Trigger, none of them can read the nfc tag in the ring.

    When i pop the back off the phone and expose the battery i can read the ring only if i force it into the battery. Nothing happens if the back is on the phone, even if i hold the ring in the same spot. So it works, but it's weak, especially considering the Alpha was supposed to work with the S4 like any normal ring.

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    did you exchange your battery? you can also check if the contacts are OK.

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    Just to add to what @Lafunamor has been suggesting, your phone should at the very least be able to read the 'spare' tag. It really does sound like NFC isn't switched on properly or is inactive for some other reason.
    Does your battery say 'NFC' on it at all, and is NFC switched on through your settings menu?