Ring Size For Alpha

  • I plan to use my voucher for an alpha ring, but something just came to mind. I got my finger sized at a jeweler for a snug, but not uncomfortable fit for a normal ring, but this is for the size closest to the knuckle. If you make a fist, the middle of that finger segment becomes larger, and it may be the some if you work with your hands a lot and your fingers swell slightly. Considering the alpha is much wider than the normal ring, do you need to get a slightly larger ring since it will cover more finger length?

    Can anyone who already has an alpha ring chime in? Did you need a larger ring?

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    Hi @MikeInSeattle, with my original pre release rings I got one Classic and one Alpha both in size 10 IIRC. They both fit exceptionally well and I found that the Alpha was actually more comfortable than the Classic band. Both were a reasonably snug fit once on though my knuckle joints are slightly larger than where the ring sits and clenching or making a fist wasn't an issue at all. I actually found that the Alpha was more likely to slip off my finger than the classic was, even though both were the same size.
    I've tried guaging the reaction of various people though, and some just simply do not like the Alpha sized band at all, I think it was more pre-conception (omghugering) than anything else.

  • @Lokki I find it a little strange that the alpha seems more likely to slip off than the normal ring. but it's nice to know that I don't really have to be worried about sizing too much when ordering an alpha. Thanks for the feedback!

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    I suspect it was because the thinner banded ring had that tendency to bunch up the flesh before it reached the knuckle, whereas the wider ring didn't get a chance to do that. Weird I know, but yeah...

  • @Lokki haha well I guess when the time comes, I'll experience that for myself. By the way, is there an expected time window of when you think all the KS rewards will be shipped, and therefore vouchers will be sent?

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    John has said that he would make the blog post once all orders were fulfilled and stock levels were back at a reasonable level again, for the inevitable decimation by voucher redemption. I'm hopeful for Christmas ish myself so I can take care of that - family gets rings this year from me.