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  • Just got my ring... Cant say I'm entirely please. But first thing first... Yes, it works with my Moto X. The ring itself, it seems i got my size a bit wrong and I was expecting it to look like this, but instead I got this.

    I didnt bother with the official NFC Unlock app, and just used Moto X's built in unlocking, works just fine. Took me a while to figure out the sweet spot, sometimes still takes a while to trigger it though. Would be nice if the sensitivity/range is greater. Oh, and I've no idea how the ring is built but seems I can only unlock with the black part of the ring, no other spots.

    Overall, it's a pretty nifty toy I guess. I've no clue whether I got the wrong colour or the pictures were simply misleading, Signature rings are meant to look like what I received? Anyway, probably too much hassle to get replacement for the right size/colour so I'll just leave it be..

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    the ring should have **two **parts where it's not "metal" (e.g. the black rectangle).the unlock (if configured) should also work with the other side.

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    @omeletted that's interesting about the Moto X, thanks for sharing that with us - I didn't realise they allowed unlocking via NFC out of the box?
    As with any new piece of technology it's going to take a little practice to get used to. You'll eventually find the perfect combination of movement to trigger it first time every time, you just need to practice and you'll get there. Then the small sweet spot wont seem like so much an issue.
    The signature ring is a Titanium band with Black on one side and Transparent on the other, you can choose whichever side you like to be the visible side. That first picture is a render of a ring and would be a very small size for the tag to take up so much area, as size changes the inlay does not so the larger sizes the inlay looks a little smaller. It may actually work a little easier on the larger rings though due to there being less curvature of the inlay.
    If you download an app like NXP Tagwriter (those guys at NXP make the NTAG203 IC that is used in the ring) and then use the 'View' function you should be able to read the content of both sides of the ring. Is Moto X expecting anything in particular from the ring in order to unlock? You may need to add both sides to whatever app is allowing your unlock, then try again.

  • Yes, Moto X has its own NFC unlock app that's meant to work with their Moto Skip thingy. Skip is awkward to use which was why I turned to NFC Ring in the first place, although it only costs a fraction of the price of a NFC Ring.

    Anyway, now that I know about the two sides of the ring, I registered the other side to use for unlocking too and it works fine now. Curiously, no matter what app I tried to read/write the ring, none of them works... NXP Tagwriter, NFC Task, the official NFC Ring Control, not one detects the ring at all. Which meant if Moto X didnt have its own NFC unlocking app the ring would be junk D: Tried on a Samsung S5 and didn't have any issue, detected the ring just fine. Weird.

    Pondering what to do with the ring now. >_<

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    That's odd, @omeletted. It almost sounds like the Moto X is refusing to read them because they're registered for unlocking. Very cool anyway, I hadn't thought too hard about the Moto Skip (they're cheaper because it's just a basic NFC tag inside that.)
    You'll still be able to use the ring with an Arduino project or a Samsung door lock because those devices only look at the UID and wont alter the contents of the ring.

  • I noticed on my Moto x that it only reads the ring when the device is locked too, but it is a good thing. On my old galaxy nexus it would randomly try to read the ring when I didn't want it to. As another side bonus using it as a skip there is no sound that the tag was read when it unlocks no matter what the volume seeing is.

  • Interesting, Lokki was right. Moto X wrote something to the ring so that it gets recognized as a Moto Skip, preventing it from getting read by other apps. Had to use the Samsung s5 to erase one side so that it'd work as intended, keeping the other side to use for unlocking the phone.

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    That's great, glad you confirmed that idea for me @omeletted. Typically Motorola, doing something like that... But it would be nice to do it with other devices so it was less obvious how they were being unlocked.