Unlock app trouble.

    1. Unlock worked several times as it is necessary but after ceased, although the sound was as successful at reading the ring. At the same time in the system menu appeared yellow triangle. But I was able to unlock the phone only after rebooting the phone by system power combination.
      This yellow triangle - authorization error in Google. Telephone why then forgot my password, this has never happened. I do not know what the cause of it all, but very uncomfortable to deal with such a problem, especially when the in the phone non-removable battery.

    Xperia T (LT30p)

    1. Second question - what happens if NFC service turn off before turning off a phone ? whether it will be forcibly turned on?

    2. Third problem - a long time i couldn't login for this site, password recovery says what i not registered. and i was registered 2nd time for this email, but now it my old account on the same email)

    3. small note - when lock option enabled firstly, the screenlock starts to work only after the second turn off the screen.

    4. just noticed - after setting up blocker - all entries in the ring disappeared. I remember both sides of the ring menu "Manage keys"

  • Community Helper

    1. If you disable NFC you can't unlock your phone with the ring. You have to use either your Google Account (needs 2-factor authentication disabled) or with a PIN (need to be configured first) please refer to this video
      for the configuration.
    2. we changed to our own single signin system that's why you had to register again. we then link automatically to old accounts.
    3. depending on the phone it may take a short time for the screen to appear. the team is working on this issue
    4. the unlock apps needs a "trigger" written on the ring to be able to work. therefore it's not possible at the time to have something else on the tag used for unlocking.

  • thanks.