General Feedback NFC Ring with Galaxy Note 2

  • Hi,

    These are my findings so far.

    • The ring is only recognised by the phone about 80% of the time. Just about acceptable, but hopefully that can be improved upon.

    • The lock screen isn't working well enough. Having tried a range of configs, I find the best one only works about 40% of the time. I have a PIN lock screen set and that is still displayed 60% of the time with the NFC Ring lock screen appearing after that has been passed. It seems that the NFC Ring screen needs several minutes with the phone locked before it replaces the PIN screen. Until that time, I have to get through both.

    • The option of using my Google email/password as an alternative to the ring is good, but it the password is visible when typed. Not good. Also, because it isn't using the password field type, it has added my password to my dictionary now. Really not good.

    • When my alarm goes off each morning, the NFC unlock screen come up but the ring never works. Seriously annoying.

    In short, I would say that this is slightly below the reliability that I expect of a new App, but because this is a security app, this isn't acceptable. All of these flaws need fixing before I can accept that I can use my NFC Ring with any confidence.

    So keep fixing the lock screen stuff and I'll keep testing it. Thanks.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Android 4.3 stock. PIN Security. Three UK. Developer Mode Active. All Updates Installed.

  • I have had the same problem with the lock screen been slow to appear on the Note2 (same provider, not unlocked), I have found it works best with no other lockscreen enabled but even then, after a period of time switched off it takes a considerable time to show the lockscreen.

    I suspect this is more of an issue with Samsung's implementation and seems to be related to the phone coming out of deep sleep. With my nexus 5 work phone and nexus 7 tablet it is far more responsive even after turning them on from been off for a long while.

    I also suspect the same thing is causing problems with reading the tag when just waking up from sleep, I currently use a round nfc tag (still waiting for my alpha and preorder) which has a pretty forgiving read radius, yet when I have just turned the note2 on there are occasions when it takes several attempts to get it to read.

  • Community Helper

    You're right there guys, I think this is more a case of the device hardware not coping well with what it's being asked to do.
    Have you considered rooting and using an xposed module to do the job instead of the unlock app? Unlock app is really only for those who can't root their devices for whatever reason, it runs entirely in userspace and is therefore extremely limited by comparison to another app running on a rooted phone.