Google IO announcements about "Personal unlocking" / "Personal unlock"

  • NFC Ring Team

    From wired: "But what about lock screens? There’s a new feature called personal unlocking that looks at signals like location, bluetooth and even voiceprint to authenticate a user. It lets you unlock the phone just by swiping, so you don’t have to unlock the phone with a pin code in certain situations. If it can’t see, say, your bluetooth watch, it will prompt for a PIN."

    It will be interesting to know how this affects us.

  • I can only find information about it in the Google I/O keynote, but that is not very surprising.

    If you want to see the segment, it's 53 mins into the keynote
    But there's not really much info.

    I couldn't find a specific session during the conference about personal unlocking but it seems reasonable it will be included in at least one presentation.

  • Community Helper

    Is it only me or are they copying the windows phone 8 style?

  • I saw this and just had to run over here and check if you guys had reached out to Google about NFC integration into this system.

    I really hope it does.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Our contacts at Google were not willing to say if it will/wont support NFC... Anyone able to dig further?

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