Ring is not recognized

  • I received my Vintage ring last week and it is not recognized by my Galaxy SIII. I have tried multiple apps with no luck, but the phone reads and writes to a TechTile nfc tag without issue, using all of the apps. I do not have another phone to test with, most of my coworkers have older iphones. Support suggested I reach out to you guys for suggestions. So, anyone have any thoughts on this?



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    Hi, the S3 is notoriously bad at Nfc. Any thicker than stock rear cover increases the distance between the ring and the nfc antenna just that little bit too much. Are you using anything non standard like that? Even Samsung's own flip covers have a negative effect.

  • I do have an extended battery in it, however I tested with standard battery and no cover on with the same issue.

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    With these the antenna is actually on the back of the battery, so there's a chance that the nfc antenna contacts are tarnished or otherwise poor. If you were to rub over them with a pen eraser, or perhaps even a pencil eraser, that might make things a little better.

  • Found a guy at work with an S4, no extra case, and it was not able to read the ring either. Also did further testing reading other tags and can read a tectile from approximately half an inch, so the antenna appears to be fine on my S3. I'm going back to support for replacement, thanks for the help Lokki.

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    Yeah, the S4 can be just as bad - the S5 is great by most accounts though!
    I suspect what you'll want is a change to Alpha, so put that as your subject field in your email to support@nfcring.com. Alpha Change Request should do the trick.

  • Well it finally got here. Unfortunately your own software doesn't even recognize it. This is repeatable, every time I make an attempt to use the NFC Control App and use Register I get the following.
    https://www.dropbox.com/.../mlv.../2014-07-11 18.15.14.png

    Using the same app and doing a Read, I get the following.
    https://www.dropbox.com/.../q77.../2014-07-11 18.26.00.png

    I have reopened my ticket with support for the 3rd or 4th time now, posting to the NFC Facebook page in hopes of this gaining some attention.

    I have a Nexus4, a hours fresh install on my phone of KitKat4.4.4. and this phone reads other nfc tags incredibly well. I use them for all sorts of things. After waiting since April, delays in shipping, poor communication with support, and now a product that is not even recogniced by its own software... I was hoping for better.

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    @AMosley your links don't work.
    can you please be more precise what's not working? is the phone recognizing the tag? (sound) or not?
    Did you read the last update on KS?
    Opening multiple tickets and posting on a lot of places won't give you faster help, as support has to answer you multiple times with the same answer and this just takes them time they could use to help others.
    The fastest way is always the forum as we are more people living on different places of the world so you almost get 24/7 help here.

    please make sure you post public links of dropbox as they won't be accessible for us if not.

  • @Lafunamor
    Forgive me for being short, I am a bit frustrated regarding this.

    I was very specific in what I stated. I provided my phone model. my android OS and that the software used to control the ring does not recognize the ring. I have a fresh load of my OS and I use other NFC tags without issue so I know it's not the phone. I do get a tone when the Control App attempts to recognize the tag, the same tones when using my other tags.

    Every time I make an attempt to use the NFC Control App and use Register I get the following.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlv3ye885cig0o4/2014-07-11 18.15.14.png
    As you can see it simply does not accept that it is a NFCRing.

    Using the same app and doing a Read, I get the following.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/q77lfow2mzmwvyj/2014-07-11 18.26.00.png

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    @AMosley this has been documented here in a couple of other threads. Contact support and explain to them that your ring is not recognised as an NFC Ring and you require an activation code. Once the unlock app is registered nothing will stop you from using the ring with the app, this is a database error which affected ~20 rings and isn't an issue apart from app activation. Reference this reply in your support request.

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    @AMosley Thanks for providing the pictures. Not it makes sense to me ;-) I was probably a bit tired as I read your post.
    Lokki already wrote what to do, if you'r interested in what the error is you can check the following links:
    Forum thread about this problem
    Information about this error from John in a update

    Enjoy your ring!