Outgoing call screen dimming locks phone

  • Hi, I recently received an NFC Ring and used the latest Unlock app. But when i make an outgoing call and put the phone against my ear the screen is dimmed (or black at least) and after that I need to unlock the phone to access anything on the phone including the call controls to hang up or answer a second incoming call. This is a big inconvenience and should be removed.

    I looked in the settings for the app but there are none for outgoing calls or calls in general that I could see. I did try a few of the other call settings but nothing changed the behavior.

    I can post a video if you need clarification.

    Any ideas? Otherwise I'll file it in the bugtracker.

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    did you try the settings under "device security" -> "manage call behavior" ?

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    You could possibly add a timeout to the locking process that stops the unlock app from activating for say 5 minutes from the screen being locked. That would likely solve any issues you have there. Also check that the During Call setting is not set as Lock.

  • lafunamot, which setting specifically causes this by default? This happened to me with default settings as well.

  • Lokki wouldn't that still lock the phone 5 minutes in to the call? I do speak for more than 5 minutes in some calls.

  • Lokki, which setting exactly do you mean? On Ring, On Disconnect, or On Answer? Neither really seems to apply to an outgoing call.

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    Device Security|Unlock Delay Type --> Timeout
    Device Security|Unlock Timeout --> ~5 minutes.

    This will stop the device from locking within the first five minutes of the screen being off at least. It will still lock after that though.

    I've not experienced the problem you're describing but I don't tend to do things on the phone mid call.

  • If I understand it correctly, that is the general timeout for unlock so if I set it to 5 minutes, it wont lock for NFC Ring unlocking until that timeout? Thats no help, I want it to lock quickly in general.

  • Since you appear less than convinced of the behavior I posted a Youtube video of the problem. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=06gvy6x8dTw

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    Ah, now I understand completely. That's really strange and I can't replicate the behaviour.
    Do you know what version of the unlock app you're running, and on what os version?
    And yeah, stick it on the bugtracker.

  • I'll wait until after Google I/O