N5 & Classic ring - difficult to get a read. NFC RIng Control/Unlock app issues.

  • Just received my Classic ring and I'm having real trouble getting my Nexus 5 to read it reliably.. I know it takes practice but it's kind of awkward to have to hold the phone with one hand and tap with the other making sure the ring inlay is horizontal. And it takes me a few taps to get it to work.
    I'll be getting rid of this phone in a few months when the Moto X+1 is released so fingers crossed I'll have better luck with that handset.

    With regard to the Ring Control and Unlock apps:
    Ring Control (v.0.1.10) gives me "Alert: NOT NFC RING" when I try to register my ring..
    Ring Unlock (v.1.5.1112) asks me for a verification code which I do not have and don't know how to get. The ring was actually a gift from a friend and she doesn't have an email or anything with the verification code. In any case I am now using NFC Lockscreen Off Enabler as my PIN bypass method, rather than the NFC Ring Unlock app - but I would've liked to be able to use the official app right from the start. Could you not just put the verification code in the package with the ring?
    Can you suggest how I can overcome these problems, please? Of course, ultimately, these issues need to be ironed out permanently so customers have no need to come to your forum and ask for help, it should just work.

    Thanks for your attention.

    EDIT: Also, the "Feedback" option in Ring Control doesn't work - presumably it should link somewhere, but it does nothing.

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    For tips how to get the best reads I suggest you read the following threads:

    To be able to use the nfc ring unlock app you need to enter a verification code once. this code can be set via the nfc control app under the section registration (it will ask you for a password and that will be the verification code)
    sadly we have currently some problems with a bunch of rings and some people (like you) get the error message "not nfc ring". The teams is currently working on resolving the issue. I suggest you follow this thread since there will be the updates on this issue.

    I hope this helps you a bit further