How do you edit or delete text entered into your ring.

  • I made a typo entering my public information (hate cell phone keyboards), how do I correct that error?

  • Write it again but correctly this time?

  • You're saying a new entry will over write the old one?

  • Nope writing it again did not correct the error.

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    How did you write those information on the first time? you should easily be able to overwrite it by doing the exact same thing again (but without the typo and only if you didn't lock your tag)

  • Using the NFC Control app I went to create, then text. I entered the text with a typo. REpeating the procedure did not overwrite the old tex. I don't even know how to lock my tag,

  • Problem fixed - thanks everyone.

  • @Rob7 Can you enlighten us on what magic you used just in case others run into the same issue?

  • I turnedthe phone off,then back on and just overwrote the first entry. I had tried overwriting before but this time it worked.

  • So then how would one delete an address from the ring completely. My phone isn't unlocking so once I'm done logging in with my Google credentials my chrome browser has about five or so pages open to the nfc welcome site.

  • You download a nfc app from the play store like NFC tools and go to erase tag. Lol, but don't erase your unlock key smh. So the tags on my ring are two different tags. I should have gone with two different colors then but I'll get used to it. I love this thing.

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