HTC Droid DNA- normal sized ring difficult to read while worn

  • Just got my temporary ring today (12.5, normal, titanium, black/black), and first I'll just say I really like how it looks, and it's significantly lighter than the sterling silver I'm used to. Unfortunately, read performance is just slightly below what I was hoping. The sweet spot on my Droid DNA seems to be centered left to right, and just above the 4G-LTE branding. I reads other tags no problem with a few millimeters of play, but with the normal ring, it has to be pressed flat up against the back which is really hard to do when the ring is being worn (sitting in the indent at the base of your finger between the meat of the first segment of finger and palm). With the ring off, it works quite well, but with it on, it's just a little too difficult to accurately press against the back. It works better on my Nexus 7 2012, as it can read the ring with a gap of a few millimeters, so it doesn't require any awkward "trying to shove my hand into the back of the device" motions. The other thing is that, on both devices, the ring only reads if it's perfectly parallel with the top/bottom of the device even when I'm not wearing the ring. That means my phone only can only unlock if I'm holding it from the bottom, rather than the side as most people hold their devices (where the ring is 90* perpendicular).

    Like I mentioned, this is only my temporary ring, so I'm not really complaining, and I knew normal sizes wouldn't read as well as alphas. Knowing this, would I be able to change/upgrade my original order to an alpha sometime before all the plating and carbon fiber issues are sorted out?

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    Thanks for sharing your impressions with the ring. we generally noticed that newer phones and tablets have less difficulties to read the normal ring than older phones.
    to change to an alpha you will have to mail it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Good to know, thanks. Just wanted to share that overall I'm happy with my ring, and if there's anyone else with a DNA, the normal will work, but an alpha will probably work better.