One of the sides of the ring suddenly stopped working!

  • Oh my. All of a sudden, one of the sides of my ring is not readable by my phone! I'm completely sure it's the ring and not the phone, because it can read the other side as usual.

    Can I do something to fix it?
    After all the waiting I don't want to think that it stopped working forever : (

    Thanks in advance.

  • Community Helper

    sadly it may never read again due to the glue problem john mentioned in a update before.
    try to put pressure on the side with the failed inlay, this may help but I don't think it will read again.
    you can easily follow the returns procedure found

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    Definitely do the faulty/returns procedure. If you try to fix the ring it's not going to be eligible as a return item because it'll seem like you caused the damage.
    For what it's worth, I used my classic ring like that for an age before giving it to a friend to test devices. The failed inlay is workable when it's pressed the right way, it's just scary to do that on a phone.
    The alpha I've tried a couple of repair techniques with varying success. I first lost my public inlay, regained that function for a fortnight then lost it again. At the moment I've got it back but the private inlay is dead. (This is due to my interference, attempting to reflow the broken solder joints. It's not recommended or advised and it does completely invalidate any warranty.)