Bug: unlock screen not on top

  • I posted this in the Google testers group some time ago but have had no reply so I'll post again here.

    Hi, running app version 1.5.7 and android 4.4.2 HTC one.
    Again if set to inactive but device administrator but get incorrect pattern will lock screen.

    There are two follow ones, if my phone has got a low battery pop-up then it will be displayed over the nfc unlock screen but the focus is on the unlock screen and you have to guess where the pin is.

    Second if if I get the pattern wrong sometimes it can take up to a second for the unlocker screen to come up by which time I'm already doing something else.
    In addition in device security if you select disable lock screen features and say you dont want to proceed it will uncheck the box regardless.
    Also the Facebook message chat heads, battery warning and top priority apps are on top of the activity.



  • Community Helper

    Thanks for sharing. Can you please open an issue in the official issue tracker for each of those?