NFC Ring Feedback

  • My ring was delivered a couple of days ago.
    My boss had got me a Galaring to mess around with while i was waiting for this one to arrive. I have to say the Galaring is such a horrible looking thing next to my beautiful shiny new NFC Ring.
    I cant believe the quality of the NFC ring compared to the Galaring, NFC ring wins hands down.

    It works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S3, which is running SlimKat 4.4.2 custom firmware. Best £25 i've ever spent.

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    Nice one, it's great to hear from someone who has used both!

  • When i first got the Galaring i took one look and thought "oh dear, i guess the NFC ring is going to look like this as well" but when the NFC ring came i was over the moon. It's a work of art compared to the Galaring.
    The Galaring is twice the size and looks like it was thrown together and performs no better , whereas the NFC ring looks like it was crafted by experts, it's such a lovely looking ring. The difference between the two is striking.

    I love it so much i'm going to buy another for my girlfriend when they are shipping again, and ask her to marry me :) yeah, some might call me cheap. But we are both geeks and this is right up our street lol.

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    That's awesome mate!

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    yeah really cool! Can you post us a pic of the gala and the nfc ring next to each other? I would love to see the comparison

  • @Lafunamor Sadly, i have given the Galaring back to my boss. But i will ask him to take some pics of it next to something for size reference, and then do the same with mine. Or i'll try and grab it from him next time i'm in the office.

    But it's not just the look of the rings. The Galaring feels as if they wrapped a big strip of metal round your finger. it's big and to me just feels like a metal band. The thing i love about the NFC ring is the inside of the rind is kinda curved if you know what i mean, and is such smaller than the Galaring.
    The quality of the NFC ring is so much better than the Galaring. You really have to see them together for yourself to understand.