What are people putting on there rings?

  • I have looked but search didn't seen to show this as a forum yet.

    With my ring coming soon i decided to have a think about what I'm going to actually use it for and was just wondering what other people are doing with theres.

    Help give me some inspiration =D

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    With mine, I'm using it as a phone and tablet unlock device and am working on using it to start and unlock my car, and later when I have the free cash to unlock my front door.

  • I'll use it to lock & unlock phone, right now I use a key tag.

  • So far I have used my to unlock my phone and a link to my LinkedIn profile page.

  • I was thinking about using the public side to link Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video, but I don't think everyone would find my Run-By-Rick-Rolling that amusing. So I'm going to use it to link my Google Play Store apps to help advertise them. The private side will be like others for unlocking private devices.

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    Ring RickRolling, that's hilarious. Now if only NFC was on by default in all devices, the havoc that you could cause!

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