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  • I received my ring today it works without the case but not with as I don't want to use my phone without the case is there anything I can do to make it work also in my order there was a little tag with NTAG 203 on it what does it do ?

  • The little tag was just a bonus, it is an NFC tag like what's in your ring.
    As for your case, the only thing you can do is buy a thinner case...or...take your case off & shave/grind some of it off @ the sweet make it thinner.

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    +1 on the hole for the sweet spot. It should help you unlock easier too, by guiding the ring in to the sweet spot every time.

  • The little tag works with the case on but not the ring

  • That's because it's not encased in anything. I think the limit for NFC tags is 3mm thick, but it's been posted that 5mm will work sometims if all the conditions are right.

  • Received my order today as well. Thus far things are great but along the lines of the original question in this thread I know what the NTAG is for but I also received in the package a tag with three numbers a _ and another number on it. It is not as long or skinny at the NTAG but still rectangular. Any thoughts on what this is? Is it another NFC tag as well?

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    Yes, give it a try with your phone. Afaik there are two of the stainless steel tuned tags, a long and a short.