Stealth Bomber Ring Replacement Poll!

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  • The update doesn't make a few things clear:

    a) you don't seem to be intending to go with a user-preference for the replacement ring - I admit you don't actually say you do, but on first read it kind of implies you want us to decide what we want, rather than gauge demand and make your own choice.

    b) the URL to see which rings doesn't link to the store (which at least has the actual names below each ring)

    c) the store images don't show the back side of each ring, which might make some think SIGNATURE is a close match to the STEALTH BOMBER. Below is an image (I didn't have time to write FRONT and BACK :) -

    NFC rings, front and back

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  • @gth
    (a) I agree - on first read it did sound like the replacement would be a personal choice, so wasn't written/spoken very clearly. BUT because it is just a 'throw-away' freebie I can understand, and am happy, to just get any ring at this point. I'm torn about whether they should have even bothered to ask for preference, because if you've gone through the mental process of deciding which ring you like the best then when you get your least favourite ring (because there will be people who get a ring they don't like) you will have slight disappointment rather than just being pleased to get a ring. As I say, I'm torn though - alternative would have been lucky dip with whatever they had to had. Your real ring will be what you wanted (assuming it wasn't CF)
    (b) Meh. Wasn't hard to click on the store link
    (c) To be fair, it does say under the ring what inlays it uses - so signature does say 'black/transparent' rather than 'black/black'

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    I would guess it's going to be pretty much an 'as available, most popular choice' thing. They'll send out the most popular one until/unless they run out of those and then they'll move on to the next most popular choice, etcetera.
    As you say, it's a 'temporary' replacement.

  • I vote for the Signature Black\Transparent model

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    @Lokki said:

    Guys, if you wanna vote on your first choice of replacement please feel free to chuck an answer on the kickstarter update in the comments section:

    Stealth Bomber Replacement Poll

  • One thing that i didn't find clear, is this free replacement ring only for kickstarter backers or is it also for those who "just" pre-ordered.
    Because if i have to whait much longer for a ring i rather change my order to a signature ring. Especially sinve the last update about the finish possibly not holding up very well.

  • At a guess, because the update is called 'Kickstarter Update' and talks about backers, I'd say the free-temp replacement ring is for KS backers. Pre-orders are 'shipping june', so that could still be a month away if you're worried about having to wait much longer. Changing to a different ring isn't going to get you a ring by next week, for example. Whether they have a solution for the plated rings by mid/end June is debatable, and so closer to that time there may be an update for the Pre-Order customers.

    Irrespective of that, if you want to change your pre-order to a different ring I don't imagine that would be a problem, but remember that support are going to be busy at the moment so may not get back to you right away.

  • I vote Classic, the purpose of this ring si to be discreet, I don't want peopel knowing its an NFC unlocker for my phone or asking me, I want it to be low key and stylish.