What would you think of a modular ring?

  • Hello everyone, yesterday during my lunch time I tryed to imagine what I could do with my future NFC Ring. Brainstorming...
    Nothing cames out, so I tryed to imagine what could imagine a person if he has never seen a NFC Ring in his life. Of course I've been influenced cos I've seen many.
    Here is my process:
    We have a ring with 2 NFC inlays in the inside, with two "design inlay"(lets call them like that in my post) which cover NFC parts.
    So if we separate everything we have, the structure of the ring, 2 NFC inlay and 2 design inlay.
    What do you think if the ring became modular?
    I mean, depends on our humour of the day, we could change the color of the ring, which seems for external viewer, a totaly new ring!
    Imagine many other color you can apply to the ring, infinite possibility.
    As you can change the design, why don't change the NFC inlay?
    Insteed of rewritting data on the ring everytime you need to, just change the NFCC inlay right?
    So I imagined that the NFC part would stuck in the design part like this , you see the dust prrotection which slides ? Like this on the bottom of the design part.
    And so the fusion of this two parts could stuck on the ring emplacment(2). Maybe using magnet, or something like that but it would have to still thin.
    Now you tell me: But how do we take of the NFC and design part of the ring when it forms a whole?
    You see the little mechanism using for putting a SIm card in a phone, the little hole with his thing ?
    Approximatly the exact same think, the hole would be in the inside of the ring, so you need to pull of the ring of your finger before extracting the NFC and design part.
    So the hole comunicate directly with the removable part, and when you enter the little peace of metal in, it will push the all outside of the ring.
    So 2 hole, each for one side.

    So modular ring means you need to have other design and nfc parts.
    So a sort of NFC Ring Box.
    In the inside we can find, 1(or two maybe) ring structure, the peace of metal to remove which enter in the hole you know, many design part, there would enough place to stock 12 different, but comes with 6 or something like this. and the same for the NFC inlay whcih would be stuck in the design part already.

    By sharing the source, open source, people could 3D print their own design and fullfil their box, but before that you can buy some on the official shop before :)
    3D Print -> larger community
    It become a new fashion accessory -> larger community

    And I though too, but after reflexion, seems more useless, in the top part of the box we can find a NFC reader/writter USB to plug to your PC bof people who doesn't have a NFC phone yet or any way to write on their ring.

    my drawing
    Admit that you are jealous of my talent for drawing ;)

    Sorry for my english, I hope I'm clear enough, let me know what you think about it :)
    Don't hesitate to tell me it's a bad idea :p
    And thank you if you read so far

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    It's an interesting idea! I can't help but wonder how much bigger this would make a ring though, it would be something to try out with a 3D printer and one or two of the bonus tags for sure.

  • Just have multiple rings. :)

    You know us geeks are just dying for an "NFC-only" jewellery box, right? :))