Got my ring today. Preliminary thoughts.

  • Just got my ring today, after 2 delays, but it's here and I'm excited to have it!

    My initial thoughts:

    • Fits just right on my index finger. A mm large on my middle finger, but it doesn't slip off or rotate freely. Having never worn a ring before, this ring fits very comfortably. The comfort fit curvature really does make it feel looser than it is.
    • The finish is slightly uneven on the transparent inlay right above the "NFC|Ring Vintage" text. I can actually see a partial fingerprint in the finish, seems to indicate that this ring was "checked" while the coating resin was still drying out, but the person didn't realize it. The finish is perfect over the black inlay
    • The ring reads just fine on my Galaxy S3 and my Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet PC. It takes a little bit of effort to get my ring close up to my phone, but that will mostly be fixed over repeated use amd just getting used to it. My tablet PC can read the tag about 10mm away. Never fails if the ring is right up against the body of the tablet.

    So far the ring is working great! I found a way to use my ring as a single sign-in method so that I don't need to enter my PIN and scan my ring. I can just scan my ring so that it skips my PIN and unlocks the NFC Unlock screen. However, I can still unlock my phone with standard PIN and NFC Unlock app PIN.

    Am currently investigating ways to unlock Windows 8.1 with an NFC tag... I'm sure it's doable so maybe I'll need to brush up my C# and .NET to get it going

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    Glad you've received your ring.

    Am currently investigating ways to unlock Windows 8.1 with an NFC tag

    there is no free tool available at the time (at least my google searches didn't find one) and it's a bit tricky to do yourself but if you have some time it should be feasible.
    I would have started myself on this but currently I'm working on a thesis so I don't have time to it. You could start by having a look at NFC express from ASUS (maybe decompile)

    please keep us up to date

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    Definitely good to hear you got your ring,@asbath! The partial fingerprint is something I think you should talk to about though. Let them know it's happened, at the very least so they can keep an eye out for any others that might have the same issue.
    You could try giving it a serious polish and see if that helps any but not with anything mechanical as that might overheat the ring and burn you or possibly cause other issues.
    I'll be interested to hear how you go with unlocking windows!