I'm locked out

  • Hi,

    I received my NFCring yesterday.
    After playing around a bit with both NFCring apps I finally succeeded in setting up lockscreen (not using any android lock screen).
    All worked perfect during the day.
    But in the evening all of a sudden I wasn't able to unlock my Nexus5 anymore.
    There is the typical sound giving a signal that the ring could be read or hit the hotspot, but nothing else happens. The devices stays locked.
    Tried to unlock via email which did not work either.
    I wonder why I need to unlock with a Gmail account although my user account at kickstarter is a German web.de email-webmail.
    I'm registered with web.de at NFCring as well.

    Tried to reset my verification code at https://me.nfcring.com/validationCodeReset as well.
    It seems to work for both my gmail and web.de account.
    But no change on the device.
    It is frustrating not being able to access the device.
    I hope that I do not need to hard reset my device (and loose a bunch of data on it).

    Any help for me?

    Best Dirk

    Need urgent help as I'm not able to use my nexus 5 anymore.

    Best Dirk

  • Community Helper

    Hi Dirk

    Did you overwrite the tag you used for the unlock?

    To unlock you just need to enter your Google login (disable 2 factor login first, if enabled).

    I hope this helps.

  • Community Helper

    please give me a note if it worked and if not contact me via chat.

  • @Lafunamor yes, it seems i overwrite the unlock tag.

    but although I have no 2-factor enabled I'm not able to login via my gmail account.

  • Community Helper

    hmm getting an error myself... let me test some thing

  • Community Helper

    works fine for me (as long as I enter my password correctly ;-)
    Check you login in a new browser/private browser and login on google.com

  • Community Helper

    and please check here if you have to factor authentication enabled

  • discovered that there was still 2-factor enabled. thought i had deactivated it some time ago.
    after deactivating it now i could access my mobile via gmail adress again. Puhhh.
    deactivated unlock screen for now. need to recover. :-)

    definitely there should be better advice not to overwrite the ring when it it used to unlock. :-(

  • Community Helper

    Yeah... I'm working on a tutorial for the unlock app. I recommend to use the spare tag as a backup key.

  • Community Helper

    just glad you can use your phone again ;-)

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