Unlock app improvements list

  • Hi!

    Two things I would like to see in the NFC Ring Unlock app:

    1. Currently there are options for incoming calls, answered calls, and end-of-call behavior, but what about calls I dial? For instance, I call someone, they don't answer, I get to the annoying voice reading the instructions on how to leave a voicemail (seriously, it's 2014, do we really need to be told how to leave a message?) and I want to hang up, but I am confronted with the NFC Ring lockscreen. I'd like an option to never lock the phone when I am on a phone call, EVER.

    2. Make this lockscreen jive with a VPN account on my phone. Having another lockscreen (pattern or code) setup to satisfy the VPN requirements defeats the purpose of using the ring to do it!


  • One more thing: I'd like to be able to see the notification bar on the lock screen. I discovered that I can swipe down to see it, but it would be handy to not have to.

    Thanks again!

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    I've added the missing one to the issue tracker

  • I think it would be great if the PIN unlock would accept a larger number of digits! As is stated in the app, activating the PIN lowers security, so why not allow a X-digit number to increase security again a little (if the ring works, it won't bother me that the PIN is large, but i have a fallback solution to logging in, because i don't want to deactivate google's 2-factor authentication).

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  • Another nice feature would be to provide some visual feedback indicating an unsuccessful NFC-unlock-attempt. Background (happened to me right now): if the system is set to "vibration only", no "NFC chirp" can be heard. I tried to unlock several times, thinking i missed my sweet spot until i realized it was the wrong inlay (yeah two black inlays of the same size is pretty inconvenient, if the ring is able to rotate...). When i finally logged in i was greeted by an avalanche of browser tabs with the URL i stored on the other inlay...

  • Good idea!

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    yeah that happens to me too... I don't think it possible since it needs the message on the ring to trigger the unlock app but I'll add it anyways

  • NFC Ring Team

    RE "switch to UID unlock (with decreased security, should be an option to change to in the settings)" - - We can't do this because we need the MIME type from the NDEF record so the Unlock App knows to handle this tag as a key. We tried a bunch of workarounds but to no avail..

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    thanks for the clarification John

  • Would it be possible to toggle the connection sound off? My wife is getting annoyed hearing it as I play with my new ring!

    Also, the widget force closes when it toggles to enable and then does nothing.

  • Yes,
    I agree turning off the sound would be a wonderful thing to those of us who have spouses, that do not appreciate the finer things in Life !

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    I think it's a system sound so the only way to would be some systems settings. sadly android has no such setting.

  • Change the 'Device Security' enable/disable toggle back to the standard UI toggle widget, which is clearer. Like this ...
    Android OS toggle

    Current text is ambiguous and not obvious it is a piece of UI that should be clicked on.

  • Remove the picture of a ring from the unlock screen, or make it optional.
    I tried to change my unlock wallpaper, to something more cryptic that people wouldn't guess ("Scan retina now") and also has custom message asking 'what's the magic word' to throw people off the scent - but it still sticks a picture of a ring on the wallpaper. Kind of gives the game away about what to do to unlock.
    I want people who steal my phone to be holding it up to their eye and talking bollocks to my phone :)

  • [BUG]: The Unlock app does not prevent the user from interacting with the phone while it is "locked." For an easy demonstration, lock your phone while on the home screen, wake the screen, and hold the Recent Apps button (or Menu button, depending on your hardware). While the screen will not update, once unlocked, you will see that the Google Now app has in fact opened.

    [BUG]: The "lock screen" does not immediately render when the phone is woken. If any other interface was previously on-screen (if the sceen was not turned off from the NFC Lock Screen itself), the previous screen is briefly visible. At a bare minimum, this could allow an attacker access to anything on screen. Additionally, it looks bad. Gs3 (SGH-i747) running Android 4.4.2.

    [FEATURE REQUEST]: A basic clock for the lockscreen would be nice.

    [FEATURE REQUEST]: Rather than or in addition to the provided stickers, I would like the option to render my phone's NFC heat-map (as seen in NFC Ring Control) as a background for the lock screen.

    Additionally, backing the call for a non-aural feedback to unsuccessful ring reads. In fact, any additional feedback for the unlock process would be an improvement.

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    can you please open them in the bug tracker

  • Done.

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  • Feature request:

    Make the unlock app transparent to the regular google lockscreen, but somehow bypass it with the nfc unlock. I'm not sure if this is possible but the fact that the nfc unlock app takes up the whole screen and you cant see the time or calendar or missed notifications really hurts this.