Nexus 5 issues

  • This is weird... I got my ring and found its sweet spot. However, it shut down my phone (Nexus 5) and locked me out for several minutes. I wasn't able to turn it on manually, nor was it responding when I plugged it into its' charger. New bug, perhaps?

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    Hi, I've shifted your post here so that it's in a more appropriate place.
    That seems like an odd thing for the ring to have done - I have however had that happen randomly to me on an android phone. It's possible that the ring was just a coincidental thing.
    Is your phone back up and running now, and can you get it to repeat the behaviour if you use your ring again?

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    sounds more like a problem with the phone/os/nfc reader as with the ring. Try one of the additional inlays, those should be "empty" (no data on it).

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