No bitcoin payment options?

  • I asked via the support page, but I got a message saying there was a long backlog so I thought maybe the community already knows the answer:

    Is there no bitcoin payment option for the current round of preorders? I know it was an option before, but I can't find it anywhere on the website.

  • Community Helper

    There was a special once off pre order available for paying via bitcoin only to generate interest in using bitcoin with the rings. This will possibly come back again, if it's something the community wants and is vocal about. So anyone who does want this should speak up and be heard!

  • I heard back from John at the website:

    "Yea man of course we're accepting bitcoin, it's right there as a payment method!"

    It looks like you have to get to the 3rd page of checkout before it mentions anything, but bitcoin is totally there!

  • Community Helper

    Oh, awesome! Good to know mate!