Shipping ring to Paris and suburb

  • Hi John and team.

    My brother received his ring, and he seems really happy to get it.

    I live in the same state/province as my brother and I wonder why, because we have the same name, I don't get mine. So is the shipping made randomly or by name, region, etc... ?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Community Helper

    Hi mate, don't panic yet.
    They'll be going through a list of backers either by pledge date or alphabetically but it'll also be affected by ring availability, so if yours hasn't come yet I have no doubts that it will come soon.
    Have you received a shipping confirmation email yet?
    Also the postal system can be quirky at times.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey Major,

    We are shipping what orders we can fulfill with the rings we have been sent. It shouldn't be too much longer now (we hope) until we have finished fulfillment.

    We thankfully have a lot of the packing stuffed prepped now so all we need to do is take the ring out of it's bag, test it then put it in it's envelope ready to go.

  • Hey hey, thx for your answers.

    I've received order confirmation, not shipping. I think I just have to be patient ;)

    Sorry ;)

  • NFC Ring Team

    No need to apologize we understand your frustration. I know it has been said a lot but it really shouldn't be too much longer. We really are spending all our waking hours prepping, picking and packing rings.

  • Hi all, still have no news... I'm really frustrated. I've hezrd about this project in july, now it´s mid april.

    I was really excited about this project, and I had ideas of applications. since the time I expect my own projects have ended, and I'm not even about wanting this ring ...

    I'm really saddened by this turn What made this project

  • NFC Ring Team

    Still no news? Have you not been getting our periodic updates? :)

  • Hi John,

    I like your sense of humour, but you know well what I mean.

    I do not say that you neglect the people who support your project, but it is long and frustrating.