List of known door locks that do and dont work with NFC ring

  • Hi Everyone

    Can we please start a list of Digital Door locks that you have tried, that do and don't work with the NFC ring.

    This may help others in their buying decisions.

    I'm still waiting on my ring to arrive but hope to buy a door lock shortly afterwards.

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    Samsung Ezon SHS-2920 currently not working.

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    Pinned. Please update list

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  • are there no nfc door locks that can be recommended to work with the nfc ring?

    the reviews for the SHS-1321 seem to indicate that it is not ideal for homes with doors that swing inward.

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    As you mentioned, SHS-1320/1321 works well and is suited for inward opening doors.

  • Samsung SHS-3420 works perfectly!

  • These hardware lists really could benefit from some kind of Wiki or table format. I'd like to have a list of: manufacturer, model, price range, test results, warranty length, links for where to buy

    I've got a list of candidates (made in China) for testing:
    Guangzhou Douwin Electronics Limited [China (Mainland)]
    Low price smart card handle nfc door lock / High grade NFC security safe door lock
    (FOB Price : US $31 - 35 Min. Order : 100 Sets)

    Shenzhen JinBeiEr Intellectual System Limited Company [China (Mainland)]
    handle lock nfc door lock with intelligent card
    (FOB Price : US $30 - 40 Min. Order : 1 Piece)

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    @Simon-Bohlin you're right, it could really do with a bit of a fix up.
    Those two locks are interesting, moq is a little high for the first though for testing. If they did work well I'm sure we could get a group buy happening.

  • Ideally, someone with shorter shipping time from these merchants could get one in the mail, do some testing, then if it works send it onwards towards someone in Europe at maybe 2x cost. Documentation and installation instructions are typically very weak on Alibaba and similar websites.

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    @Simon-Bohlin said:

    Guangzhou Douwin Electronics Limited [China (Mainland)]
    Low price smart card handle nfc door lock / High grade NFC security safe door lock

    What isn't entirely clear with this one is that it claims to do both 125kHz and 13.56MHz on the website.

  • both 125kHz and 13.56MHz
    Chinese providers often type out all features of all products, in one list. Then you have to be careful when ordering to ensure you get the exact product you wanted.

    So in this case I suspect you can get either or.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Grove NFC with external antenna doesn't work at all.

    I didn't find a topic related to working/not working NFC reader modules.

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    The grove module apparently has a "bug" in I2C mode and requires slightly modified wiring in order to work.
    Which ring were you testing with?

  • Type Signature, size 60. I used serial communication. Never got a single reading.
    I just got elechouse NFC module V3 clone, I get a reading sporadicaly at the edge,
    but I guess the antenna shape is not suitable for the ring or there is low power.
    I wanted to build four DIY NFC locks into my house so the ring will be the only key,
    so I have to never carry a regular key.. Ever..
    However I guess I will have to wait until Mr.Stones modules are available for purchase
    or check out the Elechouse original V3.
    I want 2 build the antenna into the square fixed handle so just grab it and the deadbolt
    will be pushed out instantly (standard european door) by a car powerdoor lock,
    but I realize there is no reader/antenna available yet
    that will provide acceptable readings.

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    The clones can be bad like that, my original elechouse units are quite good for readability with multiple sweet spotsAs a general rule the closer in size and shape that the antenna in the reader is to the antenna in the ring (rectangular and small) the better the read will be - as long as the reader is set up properly by the manufacturer.

    In the meantime the verified samsung door locks are excellent units, my family has them everywhere now and the ones that work with the rings haven't missed a beat yet.

  • Can confirm that the Samsung SHS-P717 lock works with the rings!

  • should we start a new one of these for the door locks compatible with the new rings ? does anyone know if there will be more door locks compatible with the new ring ?

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