Hey John,

Thanks for your reply. I am not sure to very well understand what you mean by "...If you have some resources you can help throw at a Bluetooth low energy ring then feel free to share them ..." (I am not a native english speaker) :) .
Do you mean financial or human work resources ?

I am a startuper and I would like to develop a service based on a connected finger ring. My use case needs the ring to provide information to my phone at a distance bigger than 5 meters. Bluetooth is the correct protocol for the use case I suppose. I have discovered your ring concept which is impressive and very well designed and will be perfect for my objectives. My use case does not require NFC protocol (this is why the title of my post is "weird question" :) ).

I am just wondering whether it is possible to work on your product as a basement for another product on a sub-contracting or partnership mode ?

I have this BLE stack as target solution : nRF51822 chips.