hey lokki, i figured since you are a forum admin you might be involved with the whole project and might be able to answer my question rather than email the support email. i just saw the update that mentions faulty rings. how are we supposed to know if our ring is faulty? when i get my ring to work it seems like the read area is less than the size of the sweet spot sticker, so im not sure if thats as intended and the gs3 just doesnt like it or if it might be the ring. if you aren't involved in the whole project and just simply manage the forums i can send an email in or create a thread in the appropriate place.

Hi mate, I'm just a fan and persisted my way into a moderator position. Tom, John and Chris are the droids you're looking for if you need to throw praise, money or lukewarm custard. Tom's answer is the one to pay heed to though, the GS3 and GS4 seem to have rather small sweet spots that are really picky at times (and mileage between phones really varies a lot) but if they work at all then the ring is fine. :-)