"We don't have your NFC Ring choice"

  • I just received an email which reads

    [quote:jzpwfjne]We've been working at full capacity all hours of the day to get all the Kickstarter Backer Rings made and will begin shipping the remaining rings soon. However, it seems we still don't have your ring choice.

    Please reply to this email and let us know your ring choice and ring size at your earliest convenience. We'll endevour to get your ring produced as quickly as possible.[/quote:jzpwfjne]

    Is this the email to get the replacement for my Stealth Bomber ring, or has something gone wrong and my choice has been lost?

  • Community Helper

    Ouch. Looks as though your original data was lost mate. That's a bit of a pain, email a reply to that with your ring size and that you'd ordered a Stealth Bomber. Should be to <!-- e --><a href="mailto:support@nfcring.com">support@nfcring.com</a><!-- e -->