Can anyone confirm whether NFC payment can be programmed?

  • Re: Payment Details

    I saw this posted on the FB page dated 7 weeks ago from today and wonder if anyone has tried this:

    1. Make sure your phone has NFC Support,
    2. Download NFC Tools from Play Store,
    3. Open the app and go to the third option on the top left corner of the app,
    4. Click on copy tag,
    5. Move your phone next to your Debit/Credit Card and let it copy all details,
    6. Put the phone next to the ring to complete copying process.

    From there you are done, now you have NFC Ring set up for Payments. NFC Can also be used for other alternatives such as Access Control and Identification such as e-passport and other ways of Identification processing, much like opening doors and vehicles that have NFC Support that is Access Control, though, beware Security Concepts when using this device because NFC is a device that can easily be hacked by people who have NFC Enabled Phones or Device Sniffers. Thus, I recommend at that very option that you enable Encryption for the NFC Ring by putting a Password. NFC is the same as RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification).

  • it's not possible to copy your debit/credit card on to a normal NFC Ring - those instructions are nonsense.