More crazy ideas.......somebody stop the bus....I want to get off!

  • Just an idea. you already have the product capability of attaching contact info and s short message to the ring chips. If you were to fabricate a white and black ceramic ring with a cross on them, then it would just be a matter of market targeting the "Spiritual" niche and just sit back and watch it run. Being one of "those people" we talk in inner circles a-lot! If the marketing ploy was to point out the ease with which scriptural references could be attached to the data chip, then sharing bible study lessons and sermons would be much more precise, without having to keep track of a piece of paper and being able to authenticate who gave it to you. Christian book stores would love it.
    Just a passing thought.
    Best regards,
    Jim M.

    P.s. check out the musical group "Hillsong"