ç Payment ring now promoted in Australia by Bank

  • https://www.bankwest.com.au

    Sadly it isn't an NFCRing. We have been patiently waiting here for 'ages' for our pre-orders to become reality, only to see others (Curve Ring and the like...etc) boasting the technology & getting to market 1st. Well for us in Australia at least the wait is over. My new payment ring works great .. yes I had to specifically open an account with Bank West , but hey that's no big deal, it was done in a few minutes. Sorry NFCRing but you've missed the boat for anyone in Australia at least. The payment ring is Ceramic material operates using MasterCard as a platform rather than Visa.Using it is same as any other PayWave card or Mobilephone.

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    Looks like the 'other' ring... got a decent photo of it? The ones from BankWest aren't that great.

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